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Growing up in Southern California, I have found a lot of my inspiration in the colorful palettes of Mother Nature and the coastal lifestyle surrounding me. 


At Sydney Douglass Photography, I wish to inspire people through my art. Imagery, being such a subjective art form carries a vast ability to affect people in unique ways.  My goal as a photographer is to spark the fire within and create visual stories; if my viewers can feel the stoke that I feel while capturing an image, then I have done my job.

Social Responsibility:

Being a photographer in the surf industry who cherishes capturing special moments, I’d really like to give back to the coastal community.  I’m going to be contacting local non-profit organizations that aim to give children and adults with special needs and diseases a chance to feel the healing properties of the ocean through surf therapy.  I will be donating my time capturing those special moments for these underprivileged people so they can relive those moments and look back on them in hard times. These moments will bring them confidence and hope, and to be able to give that to them would be a gift for me in itself. 

Photo: Brianna Ellis © 2017

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